Legislative Issues that affect your practice

Vote No on AAOS Bylaw Amendments Groups 1 & 2

Soon, you will be asked to vote on bylaws amendments that will fundamentally and forever change our Academy’s governance. If adopted, these amendments will remove state representation on the BOC and reduce its overall duties and influence over the board of directors.

In effect, Pennsylvania orthopaedic surgeons will lose our voice in our national organization.

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Excessive Prior Authorization

PAOrtho Responds with Legislation

Healthcare insurers’ excessive prior authorization demands have fundamentally altered healthcare delivery. Routine and common diagnostic and treatment options are now subject to prior authorization, delaying care and jeopardizing the patient/physician relationship. Insurers’ third-party administrators further separate patients from the care their premium dollars are designed to provide. Unabated and unreasonable prior authorization threatens to undermine the healthcare delivery system.

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Venue Shopping

PA Orthopaedic Society: Medical Liability Venue Shopping Would Hike Costs, Threaten Care

The possible return of medical liability venue shopping, in a proposal now moving behind the scenes at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, threatens to plunge Pennsylvania into a crisis that could drive up medical liability insurance premiums while forcing medical professionals to leave the state.

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Mitchell v Shikora - A Major Judicial Victory Achieved!

Led by PAOrtho and PAMED, all physicians gained a major judicial victory as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued its ruling in Mitchell v Shikora.  In the Mitchell case, the state Superior Court ruled on 6/18/2019 that expert witness testimony on surgical risks and complications in medical liability litigation was too prejudicial for a jury to hear.  This incomprehensible decision flew in the face of decades of Pennsylvania jurisprudence and deprived surgeons of a major medical liability defense and would ultimately result in another liability insurance crisis in our state.  The state Supreme Court wisely reversed the Superior Court’s decision. 

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What You Need to Know About PA Act 96

Mandatory Electronic Controlled Substance Prescriptions

Summary and Implementation Guidelines



PAOrtho also successfully killed Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed ambulatory surgical center (ASC) tax for the third straight year. This tax would be imposed on ASC around the state and would disproportionately effect outpatient surgeries, and in particular Orthopaedic surgeries.

Opioid Legislation

PAOrtho has helped achieve a surgical exception in SB 112, which is legislation designed to impose a seven-day opioid prescribing limit. This exception would allow Orthopaedic surgeons to maintain greater flexibility in patient care and facilitate greater convenience for our patients.

Also related to opioid abuse, PAOrtho applied for and received a $250,000 opioid education state grant. These funds will be used in various educational endeavors, including an Opioid Symposium at the November CME meeting in Philadelphia.