Excessive Prior Authorization Demands Hurt Patients and Physicians
PAOrtho Responds with Legislation

The Threat
Healthcare insurers’ excessive prior authorization demands have fundamentally altered healthcare delivery. Routine and common diagnostic and treatment options are now subject to prior authorization, delaying care and jeopardizing the patient/physician relationship. Insurers’ third-party administrators further separate patients from the care their premium dollars are designed to provide. Unabated and unreasonable prior authorization threatens to undermine the healthcare delivery system.

The Response
PAOrtho’s leadership immediately worked with State Representative Steven Mentzer to draft legislation to end excessive prior authorization demands and to ensure you receive payment for services that are prior authorized.

Board member Suzette Song, MD participated in an April 30 State Capitol press conference unveiling the legislation to stop these heinous actions. On October 28th, 1st Vice President Jonathan Garino, MD led other physician societies and patient advocacy groups in another State Capitol press conference/rally to create momentum for the bill.