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OrthoPAC has created a donor class known as the OrthoPAC Leadership Circle. Members willing to contribute $2500 annually receive unique benefits for their participation. Leadership Circle status will be awarded to any practice that achieves 100% OrthoPAC participation at the $1000 level for each practice member.  The Leadership Circle entitles members to attend events with top government officials as well as special updates throughout the year.  In this manner, your voice will be directly heard by those who determine the fate of your practice.  Individual Leadership Circle membership is $2500.

Please contribute to the OrthoPAC today...a strong PAC is vital to the survival of orthopaedic surgeons in Pennsylvania.

Campaign Expense Reporting Law prohibits acceptance of corporate contributions to political action committees. 
OrthoPAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Funds received 
by the OrthoPAC are used exclusively for campaign contributions and to support the administrative costs of the OrthoPAC.

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