PA Orthopaedic Society Political Action Committee - OrthoPAC

Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society and OrthoPAC are your strongest allies and your only organized grassroots association committed to effecting positive legislative change for the orthopaedic community. 

Access to the Pennsylvania Legislature, the Governor's Office, and state regulatory agencies is the most effective way to create positive change in orthopaedic practice.  The OrthoPAC is a bipartisan political action committee that supports candidates who demonstrate an interest in and support the issues affecting Pennsylvania's orthopaedic surgeons and their patients.

An investment in the OrthoPAC is an investment in your future.  Any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.

Join the Leadership Circle 

The Leadership Circle contributors receive invitations to private dinners, meetings and event with Pennsylvania's top political leaders. Leadership Circle status will be awarded to any individual that participates at the $2,500 level for one year.  In this manner, your voice will be directly heard by those who determine the fate of your practice.  

Please contribute to the OrthoPAC today...a strong PAC is vital to the survival of orthopaedic surgeons in Pennsylvania.

Campaign Expense Reporting Law prohibits acceptance of corporate contributions to political action committees. 
OrthoPAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Funds received 
by the OrthoPAC are used exclusively for campaign contributions and to support the administrative costs of the OrthoPAC.

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