Membership Benefits

PAOrtho is dedicated to enabling Pennsylvania’s orthopaedic surgeons to devote themselves to their chosen profession. Your membership is the key to influencing and changing the practice of orthopaedic medicine; continued involvement will enable us to project a strong, unified voice.

Continuing Medical Education and Training

Two CME programs are provided each year featuring top national speakers with sessions specifically designed to keep Pennsylvania orthopaedic surgeons at the top of their game. By sponsoring luncheons, dinners, and various social events our  meetings provide an opportunity to network and socialize with colleagues throughout the state.  PAOrtho also provides educational opportunities for practice administrators' which include: coding, billing, and workers' compensation courses.


In conjunction with our lobbying firm, orthopaedic surgeons serving PAOrtho’s legislative and political action committees provide all Pennsylvania orthopaedic surgeons with access to PA legislators and policymakers. This is important because - like it or not - access to these people is the way to effect positive change on orthopaedic practice. 


As our most valuable membership benefit, orthopaedic surgeons across the state serve as your advocates and are highly dedicated to ensuring quality patient care by serving as an orthopaedic medical information resource to the Pennsylvania Legislature, the Governor’s office, and state regulatory agencies. PAOrtho is recognized as a credible source of information and data to decision makers in Harrisburg. The surveys and reports PAOrtho produces on orthopaedic practice patterns and the impact of skyrocketing liability insurance premiums on access to patient care are readily available to legislators and policymakers. Some examples include, the Physician Exodus and Malpractice Insurance Availability Survey, a workers' compensation practice expense study, and the Orthopaedic On-Call Coverage Survey.

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